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IACTE provides leadership on issues related to professional education, with primary focus on teacher education and promotes effective public policy regarding professional education, enhances and improves professional education programs at member institutions, and enhances the professional effectiveness of members.

Update on Day at the Capitol

Wednesday, February 11, 2015, is the IACTE Day at the Capitol.  IACTE members and our teacher education candidates have a wonderful opportunity to speak with Iowa policymakers and advocate for our teacher education programs.  An exciting component for the DAC is that Grandview has offered to host overnight student guests from other universities and colleges.  This provides teacher education candidates an opportunity to meet future colleagues and as well as acquire leadership skills in advocacy.  Attached are two fliers that share details regarding the DAC that may be used for promoting the event with your program.

The AACTE State Support Grant is providing resources for the Day at the Capitol.  This will include paying mileage for students to attend.  The grant will support one vehicle @$.50/mile up to $150 per institution.  The grant will also pay for the pizza and pop for students staying overnight at Grandview.

The links below include: 1) a poster for the Grandview information,  2) a poster for the IACTE Day at the Capitol, and 3) a copy of the teacher education programs in Iowa and the identified contact representative.  This list will be shared with policy makers and used to promote teacher education in Iowa.  This list was edited following our fall IACTE conference.  Please review for any final edits by December 15th, as it will be shared at the DAC and Day on the Hill in Washington DC.  Send additions or revisions to Nadene.Davidson@uni.edu .

Grandview Information : Fuel up poster 15-1

IACTE Flyer Day at the Capitol

University and College contact list

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